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Ziera Remy Black

Single Strap Mary Jane
Sales price: $199.99


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The Rebecca from Ziera comes in 3 widths from medium to XW and comes in leather or suede! This shoe has a full length removable orthotic footbed for all day comfort and an adjustable fit. The thick polyurethane outsole serves as a great shock absorber. This shoe is great for plantar fasciitis, achilles tendonitis, bunions, metatarsalgia, neuromas diabetes, pronation, back pain, knee pain and heel spurs.

Product Details:

Ziera understands the role foot comfort plays in quality of life and that style plays in making women feel nurtured, beautiful and empowered. The idea of inner beauty reflected their outer beauty is what resonates with the spirit of Ziera. They believe in form balanced with function and style with science to achieve the perfect fit. The phrase "beautiful inside, beautiful outside" has become integral to the DNA of Ziera. "Beautiful inside" is how their shoes feel and the blissful walking-on-air feeling when you wear their shoes. "Beautiful outside" is about style and being inspired by fashion.

Many Ziera shoes come with inlays that offer cushioning and are molded to support the foot. These provide adequate support for many people. When the Ziera inlay is removed, there is room within the shoe for custom orthotics.

• Ziera is Australasia's most recommended footwear brand by podiatrists and other medical professionals

• Ziera orthotic shoes have extra depth and a removable insert to accommodate your orthotics.

• Plenty of options with adjustable fit

• Generous widths

• Roomy toe area

• Padded toplines

• Rocker soles

• Strong steel shanks





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